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Assaulted At Work? 3 Surprising Ways You Can Be Compensated For Your Injuries

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Unfortunately, some people resort to violence to solve a disagreement instead of talking it out like civilized adults. While most violent assaults happen outside of the workplace, they can occur at work as well. If you've been assaulted at work by a fellow employee, you might not understand all your rights when it comes to seeking compensation for your injuries. Not only can you pursue criminal charges against your attacker, you can seek compensation in several other surprising ways. In fact, your employer may even be liable for your injuries to a certain extent. Following are three ways you can seek compensation.  

Criminal Suit Against Attacker

If you're attacked at work, you can file a criminal complaint against your attacker. To do so, you need to file a police report immediately or shortly after the event. If it is found that you were attacked without provocation - a verbal confrontation does not count as provocation - your attacker may be charged with a crime. As part of their punishment, your attacker might have to pay restitution to you to cover your medical bills along with pain and suffering. If your attacker cannot or does not pay, you may be able to draw money from your state's victim compensation fund. 

Workers Compensation Claim

Surprisingly, you can file a workers compensation claim for injuries sustained at work even if those injuries were willingly and criminally caused by a coworker. If your claim is approved, you may be able to get enough money to cover your medical bills and other expenses related to the injury. You will also be eligible to receive up to two-thirds of your pay while you are unable to work. If you have chronic issues associated with the injury, you will continue to receive benefits, which will cover medical bills, physical therapy and so forth. 

Civil Action Against Employer

Your employer has a responsibility to keep all their employees safe at work. If your employer failed to take appropriate action to discipline and remove the employee before the assault occurred or if your employer knowingly hired someone with a violent background, they can be liable. Failure to perform background checks may also be viewed as a negligent act in these kinds of cases. 

If you are assaulted at work by a coworker, there are several ways to seek compensation for your injuries. However, you have to act quickly. If you don't know where to start, hire a personal injury lawyer who has experience with personal assault claims.