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How A Lawyer Can Help You Win A Lawsuit After Getting Attacked By A Dog

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Are you the victim of a dog attack because someone failed to place an aggressive pet on a leash? If the laws in your state require dogs to be on leashes in certain public places, you may be able to get paid for your traumatic experience. Discover how you can win a personal injury lawsuit with the help of a lawyer to gather evidence and argue your case in court.

How Can a Lawyer Help Win a Lawsuit After Getting Attacked by a Dog?

The first thing your lawyer will do is find out if the other party was mandated by law to put his or her dog on a leash. You will have to let the lawyer know where the attack happened and what the circumstances were when you were attacked. In order to have leverage against the other party, you must not have been taunting the dog. For instance, making growling noises at a dog can sometimes lead to it becoming hostile.

The lawyer will also do some research on the habits of the type of dog you were attacked by. Some dogs need more restraint in public than others because of their history of attacking people, such as pit bulls. If you know what kind of dog injured you, let your lawyer know so he or she can gather evidence more quickly.

You will have to prove to the court that you suffered an injury when the dog attacked you. A physical injury can be proven with medical records from the physician's clinic where you received treatment. If the attack caused you to develop a fear of all dogs, that can be considered a psychological injury, and you can get compensated for it as well.

How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Charge for a Dog Attack Case?

If you have a solid case against the other party, a personal injury lawyer will likely charge you based on what you are awarded in the lawsuit. He or she may possibly accept your case based on paying a contingency fee. You will basically have to give the lawyer a certain percent of what you win. You can also hire a lawyer by the hour, but should expect to pay an average of $100-$300 per hour.

You have the right to walk in public without the fear of being attacked by someone's dog. Consult with a personal injury lawyer, like the professionals at the Fabiano Law Offices, so you can get compensated for your physical and psychological injuries.