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Questions To Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney

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If you are reading this, you have most likely found yourself in an unfortunate position, requiring the services of a personal injury attorney.  While this can be a scary and daunting situation, there are ways to make it easier to deal with.  Knowing which specific questions to ask your personal injury attorney is one of the most simple ways to provide yourself with some much needed clarity on this unfortunate event.

"What is your fee?"

While it may seem obvious that you will ask questions regarding price, many individuals do not feel comfortable asking this question specifically and up front.  Even so, it is essential that you determine the attorney's fee before going any further in the conversation, as if you cannot afford the fee, there is no reason to waste more time getting into further discussion regarding your case.

"What is this injury worth?"

Any personal injury lawyer who is well qualified to handle your type of case should be able to tell you, with confidence, what monetary amount you can expect to win from the case.  While the number given will of course be an estimate, you need to ensure that you are working with a personal injury lawyer who is confident in the amount the case is worth, and who will fight to make sure that amount is won.

"How many of these cases have you tried?  How many have you won?"

Now is not time time to be humble about asking for specifics.  While a particular personal injury attorney may be very well qualified at trying personal injury cases regarding automobile accidents, he or she may not be as experienced with a personal injury case stemming from a slip and fall.  Meanwhile, the attorney may have tried over one hundred slip and fall cases, although they have won less than ten percent.  Ultimately, you will have to go with your intuition. Just because the attorney hasn't tried many of your specific case types doesn't mean that they won't excel in your case.  Even so, having an idea of your potential attorney's experience can prove useful in choosing an attorney.

"How much time do you have to devote to my case?  How and when can I get in touch with you?"

When choosing an attorney, you will want to have an idea of how much time he or she has to devote to your case.  It is not unreasonable to ask for a timeline of what you can expect to happen and when.  Additionally, you will want to know how your attorney prefers to communicate, and how often you should expect to be in touch.  It is important to remember that attorneys tend to handle many cases at one time, and you should try to be as concise as possible when communicating with them. However, you are paying a high dollar amount for their services, so you are entitled to this information.

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