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Evidence You Need To Get Guardianship Of Your Grandchild

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As a parent you always want your son or daughter to be a great parent to your grandchild, but you need to step in when they aren't capable of caring for their own child. If your grandchild is in danger because their parent can't take care of them properly, it's time for you to talk with a lawyer.

It may be time for you to become the guardian of your grandchild, until your child can step up and be a good parent. This could be a long or short term solution, so you must be ready for the commitment. Here are a few things you will need evidence of, for the court to grant you guardianship.

Physical Abuse

Is the child being abused in way? This could be the parent physically harming them with violence, depriving them of meals or proper rest, or not taking them to the dentist or the doctor. If the child is always dirty, their clothes soiled, and they don't have the proper attire to wear to school or outdoors, the courts may also look at this as abuse.

Mental Health Concerns

Are they teased, tormented or unloved by their parents? Some kids are made fun of because of poor parenting. Does the child express their parents don't care, or that they are unwanted? All of these things can lead to long term mental health issues, like low self-esteem and depression. Your lawyer may even want to do a mental health evaluation to see how the child's current lifestyle is affecting them, by having a mental health expert ask them questions.

Safety Problems

Is the child neglected or left at home without supervision? Does the child ride around in a car with the parent while they are under the influence of alcohol? Does the parent do drugs, smoke, or do things that could harm the child unintentionally? The child's safety will be the number one concern of the court, so they may end up showing up at the home for an unexpected visit. If you have evidence of these things, or the courts find them, the child will be removed.

If you know that your child would be living in a healthier and more stable environment with you, and that they would be happier, you want to talk with a lawyer to have the child removed from the situation urgently. You don't want to go to bed each night worrying if someone is going to take care of your grandchild the next day, or if someone is going to get them up from school. The lawyer such as Burford Law Firm LLC will file the papers and start gathering evidence to make the child safety.