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Preparing For Divorce Mediation - What To Bring With You

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If you are going through a divorce, you and your ex-spouse may be lucky enough able to separate amicably. This is the best possible scenario, and details and minor disputes can go through mediation instead of the courts. It is important to remember that agreements reached at mediation are just as binding as court outcomes, so you should take mediation seriously. In order to be prepared for an upcoming mediation session, here are four things you should be sure to have prepared to bring along.

1. A Clear Financial Picture

If you can, bring along copies of all financial documentation, since finances can a big topic that will need to be discussed during mediation services. Property, retirement savings, and information on joint income or loans need to be available for review. By doing your homework and coming to mediation with a clear financial picture, assets can be split and budgets drawn up with a level of transparency that is needed.

2. A List of Discussion Points

If you have concerns, or if you feel there are gray areas that need to be fleshed out, write these out on paper and bring them to your mediation session. Having a list of topics you with to hash out for your divorce will ensure that you don't forget important topics because of nerves the day-of. Topics such as splitting up household items, pets and other property are some examples.

3. Patience and an Open Mind

Mediation is all about finding common ground and trying your best to separate amicably. Try to remember that your ex-spouse might have different suggestions for settlement, and it is best to hear them out and reach an agreement if possible. If you come in hard headed and unwilling to meet your ex-spouse halfway, mediation will not bring a successful resolution.

4. A Road Map for the Future

There may be ongoing shared agreements that will not end with a divorce, such as child custody. Making a plan for how to work together for future resolution and mediation is a good idea. If you and your ex-spouse can leave feeling like a plan is in place for ongoing communication, you can hopefully work together amicably for evolving changes in the future.

The outcomes from mediation might not end up being exactly what you expected, but being prepared will help steer mediation and make sure that everything is at least hashed out. Preparing for mediation services as best you can will hopefully bring the best outcome possible from the process. For more information, contact a company like Mitchell Mediation Service.