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A Slip-And-Fall Victim's Guide To Appropriately Handling An Accident At An Acquaintance's Home

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When most people think of having to seek damages after a slip-and-fall accident, they think of public places and retail locations. While it is true that this is often the setting for such unforeseen accidents, it is just as easy to find yourself injured after taking a fall at the home of someone you know. While you may not want to cause friction between you and the person you were visiting, you know that you will have to do something to pay for medical bills and time off of work. Here is your guide to getting the payment you deserve after a fall accident at the home of a friend or family member.

Get Immediate Medical Attention

If there is one big mistake you can make after being injured at someone's home, it is to try and be polite by downplaying your injuries. If you feel that you need medical attention, you should get it immediately - even if this means calling an ambulance or leaving a party early to visit the emergency room. It will be much better to cause a little scene than to act like nothing is wrong and have your reactions held against you later when you are seeking payment for your injuries.

Take a Mental Note of Witnesses

You may not think that a personal acquaintance will give you any problems when it comes to a liable injury, but they may put up a fight if it means more money from their own pocket. Therefore, even if you do not want to go around getting witness statements right then and there, it is a good idea to take a mental note of who saw you fall. Knowing who saw you fall and having people who know how it happened could be valuable in the event that you have to pursue legal action. A lawyer, like Hagelgans and Veronis, can contact these witnesses later to collect evidence on your behalf.

Ask for the Homeowner's Insurance Information

When you are injured at a private residence, it is best to bring up homeowner's insurance right from the start. Some people do not know that their homeowner's insurance will actually cover accidents on their property and may even be relieved to find out. It will be helpful if you have this information later on if the homeowner refuses to file an accident claim with their insurance company.

Finding yourself injured through no fault of your own is never an ideal situation, but being injured on the property of someone you know can make things even more complicated. Make sure you do not let your better judgment get lost in your desire to be polite and easygoing by keeping these helpful tips in mind.