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Adoption And Your Money: Ideas On How To Accumulate The Funds Needed To Adopt A Child

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Congratulations on your decision to adopt a child! As you get started with the process, a great deal of money is needed. The adoption agency and lawyers need to be paid. If you're not of affluent means, raising money is a must. It's likely that you'll start the process of raising money by having garage sales or bake sales, but it won't likely be enough. This guide provides a couple of ideas to begin the process of raising the funds needed for your adoption fees. 


Because of the ability of being able to reach a huge amount of people through social media and the Internet, crowdfunding has become a unique way to spread the word about what's happening in people's lives and raising funds to help. So, pick an online crowdfunding company and set up your site. When you do, tell your story in such a heartwarming way that people can's help but to fall in love with your family and want to help you in your quest to adopt a child. Some things to include on your page are:

  • photos of you and your family
  • a video of your home containing a heartfelt message to those who you hope will donate
  • a photo of the child that you hope to adopt
  • details on how you plan to use the money (court costs, lawyers, adoption agencies, etc.)

Unique Fundraisers

Create your own fundraiser by offering a personalized playing card deck or frame-worthy print for a small donation. Have the printer put a photo of your family or the child you hope to adopt on the back of the cards. Use that same photo for the print. If you're feeling really generous, pick up inexpensive frames at a dollar store to put the print in.

Advertise these items everywhere you go, and on social media. If you find that you aren't selling the playing cards or the framed print, attach it to your crowdfunding site and send one of the gifts to each person who makes a donation.

If you're able to bake or follow a great recipe, offer specialty desserts, holiday sides, or even cookies in a jar and charge well above your cost. This works well if you're trying to raise funds during the holiday season. People are usually busy during this time, and your fresh baked or cooked foods can help them just as much as it can help you. Use social media to advertise these products. Also, let your friends, family, neighbors and people at church or work know that you're willing to help them cook for a small fee.

Explore non-profit organizations that will allow you to sell something through them, such as fair-trade coffee, artisan jewelry, or something similar. The organization gives you a percentage of those profits.

As you can see, there are a couple of things that you can do to earn the money you need for adoption to pay the legal fees, without having to wait for what might seem like forever. Ask a family attorney (such as one from Woehrle Franklin Dahlberg Jones PLLC) for other ideas on what you can do to raise the funds needed to bring your adopted child home. Since they have likely worked with other families in your situation, they may know how others have creatively raised the funds needed.