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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Filing For Social Security Disability Benefits

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Disability benefits from the Social Security Administration are designed to provide a source of income for those that are not able to hold employment due to physical or mental disabilities or long-term chronic illnesses. While disability benefits are supposed to provide a financial safety net for Americans who can't work, the process of applying for these benefits is very long and it can be difficult to get approved. If you plan to apply for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration in the near future, avoid making the following mistakes:

Believing That You Can't Afford to Hire a Social Security Attorney

When money is tight and you're trying to get disability benefits, it is normal to assume that you can't afford to hire an attorney to help you get your disability benefits application approved. In reality, social security lawyers typically don't charge the same way that many other lawyers do--most work on a contingency basis, so you are not required to pay any upfront costs. Instead, a social security attorney is paid a portion of past-due benefits that you are awarded. The Social Security Administration restricts attorney fees to 25% of the back pay that you are awarded, with a maximum fee of $6,000. An experienced social security attorney can increase the chances of your application being approved, so it is worth your time to hire one to take your case.

Not Getting Proper Medical Care

Your medical records will become an important piece of evidence when it comes to determining whether or not you qualify for disability benefits. If you are physically disabled or have a mental condition that prevents you from working, it is essential for you to see your doctor as scheduled and follow his or her treatment plan as prescribed. Failure to show up for all appointments or neglecting to take prescribed medication may weaken your claim for disability benefits and lead to your application being denied. 

Failing to Monitor Your Case

The application process can be long and hard, but it is important to act as your own advocate if you want to get approved for disability benefits. Companies like Gieg Law Offices offer attorneys who can help you if you're proactive about your case. Don't be afraid to contact your lawyer on a regular basis to check the status of your case, or take the time to contact the Social Security Administration and find out the status yourself. If additional documentation is required to process your claim, make sure you get the information to your lawyer or the Social Security Administration as quickly as possible. Playing an active role and staying up to date on your claim will help ensure that your application has been received, all documentation has been sent in, and no deadlines are missed.