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Securing Your Important Documents Before Your Separation And Divorce

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As you make plans to separate from your spouse and file for divorce, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you have all of the financial and household documents necessary to protect your interests and help you move on with your new life with a lot less hassle.

Some of the important documents currently in your home may be necessary for:

  • filing your future tax returns

  • preparing your financial statement

  • preparing your new household budget

  • providing your attorney with the necessary information for your case

  • renting a new place to live

  • getting a new job

  • enrolling your children in a new school

Even if you believe that your spouse will be completely amicable during the divorce proceedings, it is always better to be well prepared and have access to everything that you need rather than having to ask for things later. This will help to stop unnecessary arguments and disagreements.

Secure an Appropriate Storage Place for Your Important Documents

The safety deposit boxes at your local bank are designed to protect against theft, fire, and weather events, so this makes a rented safety deposit box your best bet for storing your important personal and financial document. You may be tempted to skip the additional cost of paying for secure storage and just store your documents with a friend or relative, but utilizing your bank's secure storage is a much better option since anyone can have a house fire or other emergency and you could lose all of your valuable information.

Important Documents You Need to Secure Prior to Leaving Your Marital Home

Prior to leaving your marital home, you should place each of the following important documents into your new secure storage:

  • your original birth certificate

  • your Social Security card

  • a copy of all of your signed tax forms

  • copies of all of your current monthly bills

  • copies of all of your bank and investment account statements

In addition, you should put the titles of any cars that you own into the safety deposit box, along with a copy of their corresponding insurance policies.

For Additional Information

Finally, if you need additional information about which documents you need to store and how to best do so, then you should speak with your family law attorney at your next appointment. Your attorney is always the best person to give you specific advice about your divorce case. Visit sites like for more information.