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3 Ways That A DUI Attorney Can Help You Out

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A DUI attorney can be the most important resource at your disposal if you are ever arrested for driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medication, mostly because he or she can help you in a variety of ways. Listed below are just a few of the ways that a DUI attorney can help you.

Avoid Possible Consequences

One of the biggest reasons to utilize a DUI attorney is in order to avoid some of the possible consequences of pleading guilty to a DUI charge. For example, it can be a bit mistake at times to accept a prosecutor's offer of a plea deal that exchanges a lighter potential sentence in place of you pleading guilty. 

While this may sound like an attractive deal, there are some long-term consequences that can come about due to pleading guilty, such as losing your insurance coverage or being unable to work in certain industries. In that situation, a DUI attorney can help you determine if accepting the plea deal is a good idea in your situation or if it would be a better choice to fight the charges and attempt to avoid those possible consequences and complications entirely.

Negotiate A Lighter Sentence

Another way that a DUI attorney can help you out is by negotiating a lighter sentence if you are found guilty of the charges. In that situation, a DUI attorney can attempt to negotiate for little or no jail time for a first offense. In that situation, a judge or the prosecutor may be willing to accept rehabilitation time and community service as a replacement for prison time in the event of a first-time offense on your part.

Provide A Specialized Defense

Finally, you will want to hire a DUI attorney because he or she will have a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to fighting DUI charges. This is very important as if you go with a court-appointed attorney instead, you will be assigned a general attorney that may not be aware of many of the possible DUI defense strategies and the science behind many of them.

For example, a general court-appointed attorney may not be aware of or think of the rising blood alcohol defense. This defense basically states that your body can take up to a few hours to absorb alcohol into the bloodstream, which means that if you drank shortly before driving there is a chance that the alcohol has not been absorbed enough to actually impair your driving ability. 

Contact a DUI attorney today if you have been arrested for driving under the influence in order to discuss your legal options. A DUI attorney can provide you with a specialized legal defense while also helping you to avoid the possible consequences and harsh sentences that can often come about from a DUI.