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Three Times You Can't Live Without A Business Attorney

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Many small business owners set up shop and focus on daily operations and expanding their client base. They don't think about legal issues, or how to handle legal issues, until after the need for an attorney arises. It can be difficult to make an informed choice when choosing an attorney in the midst of a legal battle. As a result, while hardly any small business can afford to have an attorney on the corporate payroll, it is highly beneficial to have an attorney that deals with small business issues on retainer to handle the following legal issues that may pop up in the course of doing business.

Employee Litigation

One disgruntled employee can cause chaos in a small business organization. You should never give in to unreasonable demands just to keep the peace with your employees and keep morale up amongst your personnel. If you have an employee that is threatening a lawsuit or has already contacted a lawyer, it is imperative that you have your own legal counsel available to assist. In many cases, the opposing attorneys can work out a solution, or come up with a settlement agreement before the case goes to court. This can save your company a lot of money (and a lot of bad publicity).

Intellectual Property

You and your team work hard on the products and services you provide to your customers. Likewise, you've put countless hours into developing your brand and giving it an identity that sets it aside from other brands. If you find another company copying your artwork, packaging, marketing materials or copy, you may not feel like you have any recourse to protect your hard work. This is another area where a small business attorney can assist. As with the above issue, your attorney may be able to send a simple cease-and-desist letter to get the opposing party to discontinue use of your work product. If not, your attorney can help guide you through the court system as you seek recourse.

Online Reputation

It is important that you allow honest reviews of your business to be posted, so you know which areas you excel in and which areas you need to improve upon. However, smear campaigns and vulgar commentary that are meant to defame your business and destroy your reputation should be addressed. Your attorney can assist with finding the offending individual and sending cease-and-desist letters to stop the harassment. Should this not work, your business lawyer can file a lawsuit and help you recover damages and get the offending content removed from the internet.