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Swimming Pool Liability: Injuries That Count And Those That Don't

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If you have been injured in a swimming pool, the exact cause of your accident is of the things that determine whether you can hold the management liable for your injuries. As a rule, your chances of recovery are low if you have been injured by an obvious risk that anyone would see. Here are a few examples of such obvious risks.

Drowning Due To Lack of Swimming Skills 

Everyone knows or should know that swimming is a learned skill; you can easily drown if you don't have the skill because people can't breathe underwater. Therefore, you can't get into a swimming pool if you don't know how to swim, get injured while drowning, and claim injury damages from the swimming pool management.

Slipping and Falling On Slippery Surfaces

In a typical swimming pool, the area around the pool gets and stay wet most of the time. This is due to water splashing over as people dive into the pool or swim or water dripping around the edges as people get in and out of the pool. Therefore, you can't expect the management to maintain a perfectly dry perimeter around the pool, and you won't succeed with a slip and fall injury claim if you slip on the wet and slippery edges of the pool.

Diving From Inappropriate Places

A properly designed and constructed swimming pool has a designated diving area, which should be marked. Diving in other areas of the pool is dangerous; for example, you may hit the floor of the pool if you dive at a shallow area. This is an obvious danger, and you won't be able to hold the pool management liable for your injuries if you dive at the wrong place and get injured.

Injuries Caused By Horseplay

Lastly, everyone knows or should know that as much as water is enjoyable, it is also pretty dangerous for those who don't take it seriously. Playing in the pool is all good and safe as long as you are careful and don't take the jokes too far. Examples of dangerous jokes include pranks of drowning or throwing things into the pool. Get injured while engaged in such dangerous pranks and you will not be able to get compensation from the pool's management.

As someone without legal skills or knowledge, you shouldn't decide whether to pursue a swimming pool injury case or not. Consult a personal injury law office like Law Offices Of Harry G Lasser to evaluate your case and advise you on how to proceed.