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3 Leading Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents And How You Can Sue

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Motorcycle accidents are deadly serious business. So much so, in fact, that every motorcycle accident lawyer has a thriving practice from the number of riders that are injured every year. If you are a motorcycle owner and rider, you may want to prepare yourself for some startling incidents involving motorcycles. These three causes of motorcycle accidents, and how you can sue the other drivers or riders, will leave you with heart palpitations.

1. Motorcycles and Semi-Trucks

Motorcycles and semi-trucks definitely do not mix. If you follow too closely behind a semi, the driver will not see you when he/she has to slam on the brakes or brake fast going around a curve. That often results in the motorcycle and you ending up underneath the rear guard of the trailer, where you most certainly should not be.

Conversely, if one of these massive trucks is following you too close on the highway, the driver cannot see down and below in front of the truck. Any vehicle that does not extend at least six feet out from the front of the truck's front end or rides as high as a pickup is in the driver's blind spot. Furthermore, the driver should never be following you that close. You could easily end up under the front of the truck if either of you has to brake quickly.

Always try to stay to the side of these big trucks, unless it is completely unavoidable. If you do end up under the front or back end of the truck or trailer, it usually means that the driver was not actually paying attention. You can sue for his/her lack of attention to the road and the other drivers/riders with whom he/she was sharing the road.

2. Drunk Driving

Drunk drivers in cars are the second biggest cause of motorcycle accidents. Losing control of a vehicle while on the road takes the vehicle in any direction. When there is an oncoming motorcycle, that direction could easily be toward you and the bike. Thankfully, this type of lawsuit is an open-and-shut case because the driver was intoxicated (and/or under the influence of drugs).

3. Lack of Caution/Road Rage

Finally, a complete lack of caution on the other driver's part can lead to a collision. You suffer more than a driver inside a car because there is nothing encasing you while you are on a bike. The other driver had the responsibility of being more cautious and simply was not. It may also be a case of road rage; the other driver wanted you out of the way, and when you did not comply, he/she intentionally hit you. Either way, you can sue for hospital bills and the restoration of your motorcycle.