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Effectively Handling Custody Disputes

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Divorcing a partner when you have children can be a stressful experience, as you may not be sure what to expect or how to protect your rights. This can put well-meaning parents in a difficult -- or even impossible -- situation to manage. Becoming informed about the steps and strategies that parents can take will make it easier to address the types of problems and conflicts that you can expect.

Keep An Attorney On Retainer

When a custody problem arises, it is important to be able to act quickly to resolve the dispute. Being able to quickly speak with your attorney about the problem can be essential for providing you with guidance on addressing the situation. In order to make this an option, you should consider keeping your attorney on a retainer agreement. This will ensure that you have quick access to professional advice and representation when these disputes arise. Otherwise, you could inadvertently make a mistake that could worsen your options for favorably resolving the outcome.  

Avoid Emotionally Charged Exchanges

It is a reality that disputes with a former partner can be emotionally charged; however, individuals must strive to keep their emotions in check. Loud or violent outbursts can be devastating to your side in a custody dispute or battle. Additionally, it can put you at risk of physical harm, as emotionally charged disputes can quickly become physical altercations. Directing most of the communication with your ex-spouse through your attorney will help to limit these risks. In situations where you must directly interact with your ex, and you suspect a dispute may happen, it can be best to have a friend or family member present, as they can serve as witnesses.

Comply With The Terms Of The Divorce Agreement

There are likely to be terms in the divorce agreement that you do not like, or do not want to follow. However, it is essential for a person to adhere to the full range of stipulations in these agreements. Otherwise, it could be possible to be held in contempt of the court for refusing to comply. In addition to fines and jail time, this could also result in losing custody of your children. It is particularly common for individuals to attempt to break the terms concerning visitation rights or child support, but these can be among the divorce decree violations that judges tend to punish the most harshly, due to the fact that these violations can have major impacts on the child.

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