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Injured At Work? Tips To Help You Avoid Issues With Your Workers Compensation

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If you've been injured at work, and have filed for workers compensation benefits, take care to avoid causing problems for yourself. Even the smallest mistake could interfere with your claim. The insurance company will be looking for a way to minimize the claim and reduce the amount of compensation you receive for your injuries. Here are some helpful tips that will reduce your risk of costly mistakes.

Watch What You Say About Your Injuries

While you're collecting workers compensation, watch what you say about your injuries. This is particularly important where your employee and co-workers are concerned. Employers and co-workers may misconstrue what you say about your injuries and use the information against you. If you do provide information about your injuries to your employer, make sure that it's in the form of written documentation from your doctors.

Keep Copies of All Paperwork

While you're out collecting workers compensation, you may receive quite a bit of paperwork. Some of the paperwork will come from doctors, your employer, as well as their insurance company. Provide the originals to your workers compensation attorney, and keep copies for yourself. That way, you and your attorney can keep track of all correspondence.

Maintain Contact With Your Attorney

While you're out on a work-related injury, it's crucial that you maintain contact with your attorney. There may be times when your attorney will need to discuss an important issue with you. If your attorney can't get a hold of you, you may miss a deadline. Unfortunately, missing deadlines can cause serious problems for you, especially where workers compensation benefits are concerned. If you plan to leave town for a vacation, be sure to talk to your attorney first.

Keep Your Activities to a Minimum

While you're recovering from work-related injuries, you need to keep your activities to a minimum. Doing anything that might contradict the instructions you've received from your doctor may put your workers compensation claim at risk. This is particularly true where strenuous physical activities are concerned. In fact, just carrying groceries in from your car could be used against you if you're not supposed to be doing any heavy lifting or bending while you're recovering. While you're out on workers compensation, treat each moment like you're being videotaped. That way, you don't do anything that might cause problems for you later.

Don't take chances with your future. If you're collecting workers compensation, use the information provided above to help you avoid problems with your claim. If you have other questions and concerns, sit down with a workers compensation attorney near you.