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How Have You Been Damaged By A Defective Product?

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Consumers should never have to worry about the safety of an appliance, vehicle, medicine, food, or anything else. Design, manufacturing, and marketing has come a long way, but people still get harmed by the negligent actions of product makers every day. You may be entitled to certain types of damages when you are hurt by a bad product so read below to find out what is meant by damages and what actions to take to protect your case.

Damages From Defective Products

It's important to know what you might be entitled to when you are harmed. Otherwise, you might accept an inadequate settlement and miss out on your rightful compensation. When you consider the ways a defective product has negatively impacted you, those are all damages. Here are some common damages from a defective product.

Physical injuries – in almost all cases, you cannot sue for personal injury if you don't have any physical injuries. You could be entitled to payment for all medical expenses to include doctors' care, hospitalizations, surgery, physical therapy, and even mental health care.

Property losses – You might not want to buy more of the same product that just harmed you, but you are still entitled to be reimbursed for the purchase. If you had damage to your home, your car, your clothing, or anything else as a result of the bad product, you are entitled to be paid for it. For example, if a faulty pressure cooker exploded in your kitchen, you may be paid for the damage to repair your home as well as your clothing and the price of the cooker.

Lost time from work – Any work you missed because of the faulty product can be paid back to you. Keep up with any time off you used as well. List hospitalizations, doctor's appointments, trips to the pharmacy, and more.

Non-economic damages – This is a large and valuable category of damages and is often known by its more familiar name: pain and suffering. While there is no obvious dollar amount on this form of damage, it is nevertheless one of the highest of all personal injury damage categories. The higher your medical costs, the more you may get for pain and suffering. Pain and suffering is the way your life is different now, from your problems sleeping to your anxiety and depression. It's also a good reason to keep close tabs on your medical records and proof of your treatment. Some accident victims find it helpful to use a pain journal to assist in recovery as well as strengthen your claim.

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