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Dealing With Divorce

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Filing the paperwork is just the initial part of a divorce. Because family units and financial circumstances often vary, hiring a divorce lawyer is a good idea. You will be bombarded with emotional and physical changes throughout the ordeal, so knowing that you have someone on your side can be comforting and advantageous. 

Fill Out The Paperwork

You have to have a reason as to why you are seeking a divorce. Irreconcilable differences, cruel and inhumane treatment, adultery, or desertion are some standard situations that can be added to a divorce petition. Even if your situation is pretty common and you and your spouse have grown apart and are wanting to seek new living arrangements, there may be some difficulties that need to be smoothed out prior to the finalization of the divorce.

If you share children and you are the primary caregiver, you may be in need of financial assistance from your spouse. Because a divorce can take months or even a year or longer to finalize, you could be potentially waiting for quite a while to receive the funds you depend upon. Your lawyer can file a motion for a temporary order, which will allow you to receive a set amount of money at scheduled times.

Another temporary order that may apply to your situation is one that includes visitation and living arrangements for your children. Many couples can work things out alongside a mediator, which will allow you both to spend ample time with your children. If things are not that simple and your spouse is giving you a hard time and is trying to reduce the amount of time that your children stay with you, a temporary custody and visitation order may be imposed. 

Take Care Of Yourself

You will go through a range of emotions, which can include everything from disbelief to rage. Your divorce situation may seem like the worst thing that you have ever encountered, especially if your family composition is being deeply affected or if you wind up needing to move to another residence.

Take care of yourself during this trying time. Journaling, spending time with people who are supportive, and participating in some activities that you enjoy will buffer the negative feelings. Correspond with your lawyer often and let them know how you are doing. In addition, report any changes to your case in a timely manner so that your lawyer can file alternate paperwork or schedule court hearings.