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3 Factors That Can Delay Divorce Proceedings

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The average couple gets married hoping to live a lifetime together. Most couples are realistic and know that issues will arise at some point during their marriages. However, they likely hope that their issues will be able to get resolved without having to resort to divorce. 

Divorces are common in today's society. Unlike in yesteryear, today the topic of divorce is not shunned. Some individuals may go through several divorces before they finally stay in a marriage. Celebrities also are a part of this trend, and the process may garner unwelcomed attention and views regardless of the reason for filing for divorce. 

If you are considering a divorce, you need to understand that certain circumstances can make the divorce process lengthy or complex. The following points represent some of those circumstances. 


Sometimes spouses can come to an agreement regarding who will retain primary custody of their children. Some couples may even amicably agree to joint custody. However, disputes over custody can pose complexities. These circumstances can be further complicated if there are issues such as one of the parents planning to move or residing in another state. 

Pregnancy may also cause issues from a legal perspective. Some states have statutes that do not allow divorces to occur if there is a pregnancy. Presumably, a husband would be considered the father. However, infidelity accusations and other aspects may mean that divorces have to be delayed to confirm paternity and establish any potential child support payments, custody, visitation schedules, and insurance responsibilities. 


You can expect a divorce to be more complex when there are large assets at stake. Bitter disputes can arise when it comes to who will keep which assets. There might also be issues with selling or dividing assets. Existing prenuptial agreements may influence the outcome of asset division. Many couples facing this dilemma may have businesses, real estate properties, multiple financial accounts, stocks, land, and assets in other countries. 

Serious Accusations

Some spouses may make serious claims that can hinder divorce proceedings because the claims may need to get investigated and validated. Adultery is one claim that is serious and may need to get proven, especially if spousal support is being sought. Domestic abuse claims, which can include verbal, physical, emotional, financial, or sexual abuse, are also complex claims that a person may accuse their spouse of. 

A divorce lawyer is a good resource to use to determine the potential challenges you may face if you decide to pursue a divorce. Lawyers will also be familiar with statutes that govern divorce. They may also be able to help with the discovery of things that need to be included in the divorce, such as hidden assets. Having access to a lawyer can help to reduce the chances of errors or omissions of pertinent information occurring. 

To learn more, contact a divorce attorney.