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When Workplace Retaliation Is Considered Unlawful

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One very complicated legal matter that you may be dealing with in the workplace is retaliation from your employer. This is when your employer takes some sort of action against you due to an action that you did. Here are some examples of when you may have a viable lawsuit on your hands for workplace retaliation. 

You Refuse To Break The Law

Did your boss ask you to do something that would require you to break the law? Know that you don't have to do what they say and that your refusal should not cost you your job. Refusing to break the law is a protected action, and your employer should not be able to hold your job over your head or reduce hours because you declined to do something that you shouldn't do.

You Testify In Court Against Your Employer

If you are ever brought into the courtroom to testify against your employer as a witness, know that this is not something that your employer can hold against you later on. You are legally required to answer questions under oath, even if it harms your employer. Thankfully, a court testimony is easy to prove on your part since there is a record of it happening. 

You Take A Legal Leave Of Absence 

A common problem that is happening to employees these days is needing to use the Family and Medical Leave Act to take time off to care for a sick family member. This is something that you have the right to do, so you should not face harsh working conditions when you return to work because you took time off that you were entitled to.

You Complain About Not Receiving Your Paycheck On Time

As an employee, you have a right to receive payment for your work in a timely manner. If you are not getting paid on time and tell your boss about it, this is an action that is completely protected under the law. If your boss suddenly starts taking action against you after your complaint, then you could have reasons to consider it unlawful retaliation.

You File A Complaint About The Work Environment Being Unsafe

Have you noticed that there are workplace safety rules that are not being followed? This could be something as simple as not checking equipment accordingly or blatantly breaking safety laws that are designed to protect you. The action of filing a complaint should never be something that causes an employer to retaliate against you.

Contact a retaliation attorney to learn more.