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Want To Plead Guilty? Here Are Reasons To Get A Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Have you been accused of a violent crime, sex crime, theft, DUI, fraud, embezzlement, or domestic violence crime, and you know you did it? The chances are that you are feeling guilty and would like to confess, but you aren't sure if you should get a criminal defense lawyer. Deciding to be truthful and facing any severe punishment the prosecution offers is noble. However, this doesn't mean that you don't need assistance from a criminal defense attorney. Below are reasons to consider getting a criminal defense lawyer if you intend to plead guilty.

They Will Ensure You Know the Charges and Possible Penalties

Whether you want to plead guilty to free your conscience or find an easy way out, it's essential to understand the implications of this plea to your charges. For instance, pleading guilty can negatively affect your rights and future because you will have a criminal record. Your criminal defense lawyer is obliged to ensure you understand the charges you face, the case's strengths and weaknesses, and all the potential penalties so you can make a sound decision voluntarily. This way, you won't assume that cooperating fully or owning up to your mistakes will help you avoid the consequences. 

Other than the judicial penalties, pleading guilty can attract other collateral consequences that you should know. Some of them include the loss or suspension of a driver's license, professional license revocation, deportation, inability to own a firearm, probation, loss of employment, loss of custody or visitation rights for minors, and so on.

They Will Ensure Your Rights Aren't Taken Away

When you plead guilty, you will not relinquish your rights as the defendant. You still have a right to be represented by your attorney like any other defendant who has been charged. The attorney's responsibility is to make sure your side of the story is considered before the judge offers a verdict. The criminal law professional will also spot any weakness or red flags in the prosecutor's case that can be used to minimize your sentence or get the case dismissed if possible.

They Will Negotiate to Reduce Your Sentence

Even if you are sure you'd like to plead guilty, the variation can have severe repercussions on your life. A criminal attorney can help by negotiating a plea agreement so the state can reduce the sentencing. They know how to present the case facts and use different strategies to negotiate a reasonable deal. So if you'd like to lessen the possible penalties after pleading guilty, you must get a good criminal attorney.

Pleading guilty can have its pros and cons, so be sure to get an attorney to help you make a sound decision and ensure no one takes away your rights.