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Why Poor Commercial Truck Maintenance Leads To Jackknife Accidents

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Commercial truck maintenance is a very important part of keeping an 18-wheeler safely on the road. When some commercial trucks are not maintained properly, one of the possible consequences is that the truck might experience a jackknife. If you collide with a commercial truck under these circumstances, you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

How These Accidents Occur

In some cases, commercial truck companies will fail to properly maintain their vehicles. This is because they choose to place profits over safety. The most common scenario is when a commercial truck company does not properly maintain the brakes of their vehicles. Truck brakes wear out more quickly and need to be serviced regularly. There might be other important systems that also were not maintained.

During the jackknife, the cab of the truck loses traction and begins to slide sideways. The cab might swing around and strike the trailer. This causes the truck to form an L shape. 

The Consequences of a Jackknife

During a jackknife, the truck driver will have no way to control the truck and will often collide with other vehicles nearby. Because of the size and weight of the truck, the injuries you might suffer can be very serious and you may find yourself in the hospital. 

While you are recovering from your injuries, you will want to contact an 18 wheeler accident attorney for help when treating your condition. Usually, an attorney will visit you while you're at the hospital and will gather evidence together to help you build your case while you are focused on your recovery. 

Liability for Your Jackknife Accident

Because this is a type of accident that is often preventable, the commercial truck company will likely be found liable for your injuries. To receive compensation for your injuries, you will need to file a claim with the commercial insurance provider who insures the truck. To do this, you must calculate all of the damages you have suffered so you can maximize your settlement.

Even if it is clear that the commercial truck company is fully responsible for the accident, they will do everything they can to reduce their liability. For this reason, you will want to consult with an attorney about the full extent of your damages so you can make a settlement offer that can be justified by the evidence but will also be able to pay for all of your expenses.