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The Main Importance Of Retaining An Experienced OVI Defense Lawyer

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When you are pulled over and arrested on a charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, you could face serious legal and financial consequences if you are found guilty. Your entire future could be at stake, and you could lose your job and freedom as a result.

You do not want to risk going to jail or paying expensive fines, particularly if you believe your blood alcohol content was under the legal limit. You can defend yourself and potentially avoid the worst punishments for this conviction by hiring an experienced OVI defense lawyer to take your case.

Testing Your BAC

When you have an OVI defense lawyer on retainer, you may be able to prove your BAC was at or under the legal limit at the time of your arrest. You may be able to send your urine or blood sample to an outside laboratory to be tested.

The results of this lab test may differ entirely from the findings of the law enforcement lab. Your OVI defense lawyer can use the results to question the validity of your arrest and argue that the case against you should be dismissed.

Refuting the Field Sobriety Test

Further, your OVI defense lawyer can evaluate the tape of your field sobriety test and question anything they find amiss in it. For example, your lawyer may argue the arresting officer caused you to trip while you were walking in a straight line. They may also argue that some parts of the test were not given correctly. 

Your OVI defense lawyer can ask the judge to throw out this evidence because of the errors found in the field sobriety test. Your attorney can also ask the court to have the charges against you lowered or dismissed based on the test's errors.

Taking a Plea Bargain

Finally, your OVI defense lawyer may work with the prosecutor and agree on a plea bargain for you. This plea bargain may entail lesser punishments, such as completing drug or alcohol rehab or doing community service. You may avoid having to go to jail for weeks, months, or longer and paying out expensive fines.

A local OVI defense lawyer can help you after you are arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated. Your counsel may have your blood or urine sample retested. They can also reevaluate your field sobriety test, ask for the charges to be dropped or reduced, or work out a plea bargain for you.