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3 Ways To Stop Spam Calls

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Spam calls may seem like one of the unfortunate yet inevitable realities of everyday life, but they do not have to be something you are forced to deal with. There are many effective and proven ways to either slow the rate of (or completely eliminate the occurrence of) spam calls, robocalls, and other unwanted forms of telecommunication. Take a look below at just three of the most popular strategies that people across the country are utilizing on their own phones.

Taking Advantage of Carrier Tools

Carriers both large and small are constantly looking for ways to improve their customer experience. One way that many carriers have attracted new customers and retained old ones is by introducing features to block spam and robocalls. Among others, these include automatic spam detection, blocked call logs, spam lookup, spam risk meters, and the ability to create lists of "allowed" numbers. Advanced features are sometimes available for a small monthly surcharge, but most carriers include spam-blocking features for free. Consult your carrier's website for information about how to activate the features you want.

Enroll in the National "Do Not Call" Registry

Spam and robocalls have become such a pervasive nuisance that even the federal government has stepped in. The "Do Not Call" registry is a list that anyone can add their home or mobile phone number to. After about a month of being on the registry, you should stop receiving spam calls altogether. If for some reason this is not completely successful, then you can report instances of spam to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which can investigate the matter further.

Download a Dedicated Third-Party App

A third-party app is another solution that may help add an extra layer of protection against spam calls. No matter the operating system your phone runs, it is likely you can find a wide variety of applications in the app marketplace to suit your needs. Many of these have the added benefit of being able to detect and block spam texts as well, something that can be a lifesaver if you are getting swamped with messages at all hours of the day.

Rather than sit back and assume you don't have any option but to put up with spam and robocalls, take matters into your own hands. Turn on carrier tools designed to stop spam calls, register your number online with the FTC, and download an app if necessary.